Yoni Egg & Dance Playshop

Awaken your Shakti

Date: 17th of August 2019

Location: Samadi Bali Canggu

Time: 12:00-15:00

Price: 400 IDR

Learn the ancient healing art of the Yoni Egg practice and sensual Yoni Dance.

Yoni Egg practice is an ancient Daoist practice to strengthen and tone the vaginal muscles. The benefits of this practice are increased sexual energy, more powerful orgasms, ability to isolate muscles inside the vagina, stronger pelvic floor muscles, healthy reproductive organs, increased lubrication, esp beneficial for menopausal women

Yoni Dance is done with the Yoni Egg inside. It has two parts. The first is a practice of belly dance like isolations while maintaining connection with and awareness of the vaginal muscles and cervix. The movements come from the muscles of the Yoni and guide the body in the dance. The second part is a freestyle dance meditation focused on Yoni connection.

This is amazing for further strengthening and toning the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, increased sensual, sexual energy and feminine power and confidence.

Through the dance and meditation we will move and breathe the sexual energy through the whole body for ultimate health and well being.

Yoni eggs will be available for sale on the day of the workshop. Please connect with Deva before if you would like to buy one before then.

You can reach her on email: deva@ekstatica.com