Learning from Indian Yoga Masters in Exotic Resorts

Learning from Indian Yoga Masters in Exotic Resorts

If you`re looking for the next adventure to put on your calendar to get you through another week in the office, you`re at the right place. It might seem tempting to spend your summer holiday this at a five star hotel in Cancun, sipping expensive cocktails, but for about the same price you can go to the beautiful island of Bali, get 10 dollar massages daily, eat organic, plant-based food, and immerse yourself in the endless wisdom of masters of yoga and meditation.

A new company, East+West is organising all-inclusive retreats in beautiful, exotic locations. However, rather than the above mentioned, overpriced cocktails and the usual all-you-can-eat seafood buffets, these all-inclusive retreats are led by Indian yoga masters who will leave you with significant improvements in your stress and happiness levels.

“The world is waking up to the power of yoga and meditation,” says East+West co-founder Adam Carney. “We create experiences for people that leave them with a new understanding of themselves.”

“It’s a similar experience to what you’d get going to an Indian ashram, only, you’re in beautiful resorts,” says Carney.

Yoga was invented about 5,000 years ago, and it just got more and more popular in the recent decades. A study from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association says that while about 17 million people were praticing yoga regularly in the US in 2008, it was more than 24 million by 2013. The power of yoga is that when yoga is taught properly, it completely changes your life forever.

You can sign up for a retreat with East+West by visiting http://yogaeastwest.com. Make sure you sign up early, before all the spaces are gone! We can`t wait to see you!


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