Join our vibrant community at Samadi Bali and experience a world of special privileges with our exclusive Member Card. As a valued member, you gain access to a host of exciting perks and benefits designed to enhance your wellness journey and elevate your experience at Samadi.

Enjoy priority booking for our sought-after yoga classes, workshops, and wellness sessions. With the Member Card, you'll never miss out on your favorite activities. Embrace the convenience of early access and secure your spot in the heart of our thriving community.

Indulge in savings on our range of wellness and body care treatments. As a Member, you'll receive discounted rates on massages, healing sessions, and more. Treat yourself to regular self-care and pampering without breaking the bank.

Benefit from our network of partnerships with local businesses. The Samadi Member Card extends exclusive discounts at partnering restaurants, cafes, and retail stores in Canggu. Experience the best of the neighborhood and make the most of your time in this vibrant destination.

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings and special events at Samadi Bali through our dedicated members-only newsletter. Be the first to know about upcoming workshops, retreats, and promotions, tailored just for you.

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Experience the true essence of Samadi Bali with our exclusive Member Card. Elevate your wellness journey with unparalleled perks and benefits that cater to your needs and desires. Become a part of our flourishing community and enjoy the rewards of being a valued member at Samadi Bali. Join us and unlock a world of opportunities for growth, well-being, and connection.


Price : IDR 1.600.000

Valid : 1 year

Perks & Benefits :
10 % off at our :
– Yoga & Wellness classes & passes
– Samadi Cafe restaurant
– Wellness & Health Hub
– Concept Shop
– 5 % off at Samadi Supermarket
– 1 extra Top up at Warung Indo
– 1 extra Scoop at Velato Ice cream
– 5 % off on workshops & retreats 


Price : IDR 4.000.000

Valid : 1 year
Goodybag : Classic bag
Perks & Benefits :
– 10% off at Samadi Supermarket

5% discount at :
– Yoga & Wellness classes & passes
– Samadi Cafe Restaurant
– Wellness & Health Hub
– Concept Shop
– Workshops & Retreats
– 1 extra scope of Velato ice Cream
– 1 extra top up at Warung Indo per day


Price : IDR 12.000.000

Valid : 1 year
Wellness bag

Perks & Benefit :

20 % off at:
Health & Wellness Hub
– Detox programs
– Sauna & ice plunge-tub

5 % off at our Supermarket 
– 1 extra scope of Velato ice Cream
– 1 extra top up at Warung Indo
– 1 free coconut if u take a meal at Samadi cafe restaurant

10 % off at our :
– Yoga & Wellness classes & passes
– Workshops & Retreat
– Samadi Cafe Restaurant
– Concept Shop


Price : 32,000,000

Valid : 1 year
Goodybag: VIP

Perks & Benefit :

1 year unlimited yoga

10 % off at
– Samadi Supermarket
– Health & Wellness Hub
– Concept Shop
–  2 extra top-ups at Warung Indo per day

–  20% discount on accommodation
–  High speed internet acces by IP
–  extra 2 scopes of Velato ice Cream
– Detox programs
– Wellness classes
– Workshops & Retreats
– Samadi Cafe Restaurant




Price : IDR 108,000,000

Valid : 3 year
Goodybag: VIP++

Perks & Benefit :

1 year unlimited yoga

15 % off at Samadi Supermarket
25% at Warung Indo
- second ice cream for free at Velato ice cream

–  20% off at:
–  Yoga & Wellness classes
–  Workshops and Retreats
–  Samadi Restaurants
–  Wellness & Health Hub
–  Concept Shop
–  Detox programs

– Second ice Cream for free at Velato Ice
– High speed internet access by IP
– extra 2 scopes of Velato ice Cream for couples
– 2 sauna voucher + ice water plunge, valid for 4 persons
– 2 Women circle vouchers
– 2 Men circle vouchers
– 2 Kirtan circle vouchers



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