Full and new moon days (tithis) are yoga holidays and observed in the Ashtanga Yoga Tradition. Why do you ask?

The different phases of the moon are determined by the moon’s relative position to the sun. On full and new moon days the sun and moon are completely in line relative to the earth. The mass of these objects creates a gravitational pull that pronounces the ocean’s high and low tides. Similar to that of the earth, a comparable phenomenon occurs during this time within the human body system, which is predominantly made up of 70% water. The relative positions of these large masses create a flux of energetics which can also be comparable within yogic breathing and asana practices. The full moon is parallel to prana (upward moving force) on the inhalation and the new moon is parallel to the apanic (downward moving force) on the exhalation. During the full moon, our inclination within practice is to be more uplifted and energetic. The new moon works in opposite allowing us to be heavy, calm and possibly sluggish. When practicing yoga, it’s important to observe the happenings within the body and universe to allow rest for the body to heal and regenerate. Over time we become more familiar with the universal cycles as well as ourselves. Recognizing and respecting the regularities of our environment allow us to live in greater harmony with our surroundings, and most importantly ourselves. Take rest and enjoy the day off. You deserve it 😉

Please take note *Regular classes are still scheduled.

New Moon 2017

December, Monday 18th – No Mysore

New Moon 2018

January, Wednesday 17th – No Mysore
February, Friday 16th – No Mysore
March, Friday 17th – No Mysore
April, Monday 16h – No Mysore
May, Tuesday 15th – No Mysore
June, Thursday 14th – No Mysore
July, Friday 13th – No Mysore
August, Friday 11th – No Mysore
September, Monday 10th – No Mysore
October, Tuesday 09th – No Mysore
November, Thursday 08th – No Mysore
December, Friday 07th – No Mysore

Full Moon 2018


January, Tuesday 02nd – No Mysore
January, Wednesday 31th – No Mysore
March, Friday 02nd – No Mysore
March, Saturday 31h –No Mysore
April, Monday 30th – No Mysore
May, Tuesday 29th – No Mysore
June, Thuesday 28th – No Mysore
July, Saturday 28th – No Mysore
August Sunday 26th – No Ashtanga Guide
September, Tuesday 25th – No Mysore
October, Thursday 25th – No Mysore
November, Friday 23th – No Mysore
December, Sunday 23th –No Ashtanga Guide