Price: 800 IDR : 45 min (Need to book in advance)

Osteopathy in one kind of natural and holistic therapy which is done manually and gently to fix body’s motion problem caused by disturbance in the structure of human body system.

A small thing that we often under estimate like sprains may interfere the joint system, muscles, ligaments which may cause serious problems in human health if it not given proper treatment.

The target of osteopathy is to improve the harmony of the human body as a global mechanism that covers anatomy, physiology and human biomechanics.

The osteopath helps on acute or chronic pain, back pain, postural disorders, intestinal disorders, tendinopathy, post surgery treatmentmigraine, vertigo.

budi-osteopathThe osteopath uses lots of different technics as structural manipulations (by massaging,stretching, adjusting joints, etc.), visceral manipulations, connective tissues and cranio-sacral. Budi can also gives exercises nutrition and healthy advices to the patients.