Andrea life coaching

This body also known as Andrea was born and raised in Sweden. With a certain restlessness and urge to explore the world she set out aged 19.

Since then she worked, studied and lived it up in twelve different countries across the globe on a never-ending journey to learn languages, cultures and more than anything, herself. To everyone’s surprise she lived in Barcelona for 10 years where she set up her own travel-service agency.

Forever grateful to her first yoga teacher Diane Bell, who introduced her to this “life destroying practice”. Soon before long, she chose to uproot and leave her current life behind to set out on a completely different journey.

She says ”It all started in India (how cliche… I know)”, from there, a “not-knowing how and what” kicked in. Instead of turning to someone else for help, she decided to become her own guide and studied to become a Life Coach, “helping others to find their calling, while I had not quite sassed out my own”.

yoga teachers bali

Damien de Bastier has been practising yoga and meditation for over 25 years. It was love at first stretch when he was introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 1998, as it combines his inclination for sports, meditation and self-inquiry.

As a yoga teacher his intention is to preserve the gifts of the Ashtanga method as they have been transmitted to him by his teachers.

As a guide his joy is to inspire people to live healthy and embark on the transforming journey toward themselves. He travels the world teaching and shares his passion for yoga with insight, humour and compassion.

Spa treatment

Abdi is Balinese, born to a Hindu family which led to his familiarity to a spiritual and ritual life. After finishing hotel school he went on to work in many different hotels and spent numerous years on the high seas working on cruise ships.

At the age of 27 he started his journey learning meditation and now ppracticing yoga for almost 10 years. When he was 38 years old his interest in energy healing lead him to meet many “Gurus” where he discovered the works of energy.  He is passionate to share what he has learned through healing and yoga.

Abdi’s paths crossed with three others who held the same vision and dream. Together they created Samadi Bali with the aim to have a Centre offering Yoga and Wellness as a destination for visitors in the Canggu area.

Jacques is the creative force behind the physical structures of Samadi Bali and inspirator for the Samadi philosophy.