Samadi super market

Samadi Supermarket


Samadi Bali founders hold one common passion in mind, to contribute to the health and wellness of people and the environment.
With this in mind our latest creation was born, the Samadi Supermarket, an eco driven concept that unites healthy food with sustainability.
Created from the desire to expand on the already existing Samadi Bali vision on living an all around healthy happy lifestyle.
We believe in supporting mother earth and all her living beings, our islands Organic Farmers, artisans, and giving ongoing support and education for all.

Our mission is to put fresh organic locally grown fruits and vegetables on our shelves, buying and supporting the farmers directly, to keep a fair cost for all parties. This is an extension to our already existing Samadi Sunday farmers market.

Ensuring waste is kept to a minimum, our Organic Farmers, producers and partners agrees to not package anything in plastic, to support this concept.
We use a lot of natural packaging, such as bamboo, paper or glass which can be returned and reused.
For anyone purchasing over 200 IDR we give a free unique Samadi tote bag to use for your shopping needs and more.

As for our handmade home essentials, cosmetics etc. we offer Balinese and Asian made products using all plants, fibres wood, recyclable materials made aesthetically attractive to the eye.

The Samadi Bakery offers bread and pastry, prepared according to old French traditions. High in hydration and home made starter dough allows us to create long lasting, guaranteed mouth watering baked goods.

Samadi Vegan Gelato an ice cream shop to offer natural healthy options, containing all plant based, ingredients.

The supermarket is open 7 days a week from 8 am until 10 pm