Samadi Yoga AcademY

Climbing the yoga tree


The Samadi Yoga Academy is a platform for continuing your education in the fields of yoga and yogic lifestyle. Offering a variety of courses and trainings to support you in taking your yoga practice deeper. The Samadi Yoga Academy is the latest development at Samadi and will include a variety of stand-alone courses, a student training, a teacher training and a mentoring program for seasoned teachers.


This course is organised around 6 modules of 50 hours each to be completed over 2-3 years. Each module can be taken separately as a stand alone continuing education or as part of the student training program which is the main requisite for training as a teacher with Samadi. Each module is 6 days long and comprises yoga practice, teachings in yoga philosophy and psychology, embodied anatomy and integrative explorations. In the spirit of the yoga tradition, which is the science of experience and the methodology of self-inquiry, each class provides not only a theoretical background but also an experiential dimension to inquire into the nature of our human experience.


For example, in module 1 anatomy, which focuses on the skeletal system, we not only study the bones and joints but we practice embodying them to experience ourselves and our yoga practice from that perspective.. Idem for the study of the philosophical texts which are not just lecture style presentations but interactive platforms for reflection, self-discovery and tools to guide us and invite us to grow on our yoga mats and in daily life. Since our human experience is rooted in the facts that we have a body and a mind, Each module seeks to provide a fresh glance of a particular anatomical system and a traditional philosophical text to offer a well-rounded education in yoga reflective of the transformational journey that yoga invites. Each module is a condensation of 30 years of yogic studies and is quite dense with information and will most likely need several weeks or months of practice to be integrated.

At the end of each module you will have a deeper understanding of the functioning’s of your body (anatomy). Have a better comprehension of yoga methodology grounded in traditional texts. Acquire fresh perspectives on how to approach and grow your yoga practice. Have holistic, lifestyle tools to support you in daily life. Be a part of the vibrant Samadi community.

At the end of the program you will Feel deeply established in your yoga practice. Have confidence in your understanding of body anatomy and physiology. Be grounded in traditional yogic wisdom. Own a big toolbox to create the life of your dreams. Be ready to enrol for the Samadi Teacher Training.