Get an in-depth understanding of what meditation is, how it can be practiced, and how you can teach it to others.

WITH: Lola Malaika and Agathe Fay

Location : SAMADI BALI

DATES: 17 – 22 May 2020 (6 days)

PRICE : Rp. 6.000.000

DEPOSIT : Rp. 1.500.000

Join us for an immersive Meditation & Mindfulness training in mystical Bali. Get an in-depth understanding of what meditation is, how it can be practiced, and how you can teach it to others.

How to use meditation for self- healing and self-empowerment.

How to tame your monkey mind and relieve stress, anxiety, depression & negativity bias.

How to prepare your physical body for meditation and stillness with Yoga asanas and movement.

How to enhance your meditation practice with Somatic Awareness practices and Pranayama.

How to be a confident & reliable guide for people who need support and encouragement on their journey.

How to teach various kinds of meditation to individuals and groups & how to market yourself as a meditation facilitator.

During the training we will focus on the following meditations and techniques:

Buddhist practices and meditations: the four foundations of mindfulness, the essential principles of Buddhist psychology and philosophy, anapanasati, vipassana, zazen, kinhin, loving-kindness meditation, analytical meditation, forgiveness meditation.

Secular meditations: gratitude meditation, meditation for stress and anxiety, self-love meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, passive and active body scans.

Meditative practices: chanting, pranayama, dynamic African meditation (shaking), Hawaiian practice of reconciliation Ho’oponopono, meditations for healing the inner child, manifestation meditations.

Who can apply? Anyone who is interested in learning in getting a solid foundation and guidance for a regular practice, understanding how meditation can be used for self-healing and self-realization, and also how it can be taught to individuals and groups. The training is particularly beneficial for spiritual seekers, Yogis, meditation practitioners, mindfulness coaches, therapists, psychologists, healers, social workers — anybody who may use meditation as a therapeutic modality or a healing tool.

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Lola Malaika
agathe at samadi bali