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Cards Collection

The Samadi Memberclub Cards Collection (the Cards Collection) entitles its members to certain discounts and other benefits per type of Samadi Membercard :

  • Privilege Member
  • Classic Member
  • Gold Member
  • Wellness Member
  • Preferred Member


as notified by Samadi Member Club to the members from time to time. See the Cards Collection at

These terms and conditions govern the entire Cards Collection and the use of the Samadi Memberclub Cards and any membership of or participation in the Cards Collection or use of one of the Samadi Memberclub Cards will be treated as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All members of Samadi Member Club must, unless otherwise agreed by Samadi, be aged 18 years or over.

  2. Samadi may refuse or revoke a membership for any reason.

  3. Each member is entitled to one Samadi Member Club account only.

  4. Members must keep Samadi informed of any changes to their personal or membership details.

  5. Samadi Memberclub Card, in whatever form, is not transferable, cannot be copied and can only be used by the member who is named and registered for the card.

  6. Samadi may decline to issue, withdraw or cancel Samadi Memberclub Cards, in whatever form, and/or remove a member from Samadi Memberclub at any time and for any reason, including where there is reasonable belief of:

    – Any breach or attempted breach of these terms and conditions
    – Any abuse or attempted abuse of the Samadi memberclub card
    – Any behaviour relating to the Samadi memberclub card that involves theft, misconduct, abusive or offensive behaviour or supplying false or misleading information.

  7. The Samadi Memberclub Card is only valid in the Samadi Group and on, and affiliated partners of Samadi.

  1. Samadi MemberClub Cards may not be used for any business transaction or purpose.

  2. Samadi MemberClub Cards, in whatever form, is issued by and remains the property of Samadi which may, at any time, terminate or alter or amend the conditions of operation.

  3. Samadi MemberClub Cards must be returned to Samadi on request or destroyed when no longer valid for use.

  4. Samadi MemberClub Cards remain the responsibility of the Privilege Club member, as do any security details relating to the account.

  5. Samadi cannot be held responsible for any loss arising from the member failing to ensure the safe-keeping of these items.

  6. Samadi MemberClub Cards cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded.

  7. Samadi E-wallet Service (S.E.W.S.)

  • Samadi Member Club Card is an optional Samadi eWallet, it is an financial deposit system based on prepaid payments also called topup, by accessingor using the eWallet service, you signify your consent to this terms andconditions. If u do not agree with any of the terms, do not use Samadi eWallet service.
  • S.E.W.S. reserves the right, to modify or update this terms and conditions from time to time as it deems to fit which modifications or shall automatically binding on you upon publication at .
  • You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to check regularly for updates to the terms and conditions at the above mentioned site , and toimmediately discontinue use of the Samadi eWallet service.
  • S.E.W.S. can not be used on behalf on a corporate entity.
  • S.E.W.S. will always refund rest amounts when an member will not extend his membership.
  1. All Samadi Member Club Cards are subject to an expiry date, beyond which they cannot be used or reissued.

  2. Samadi reserves to right change the expiry date at any time, in its sole discretion and without notice. Musto further reserves the right not to reissue any lost, stolen or mislaid Samadi Member Club Cards.

  1. Samadi reserves the right to exclude any products from Cards Collection from time to time and all products subject to Cards Collection shall be subject to availability.

  2. By participating in the Samadi Member Club, Samadi will collect and use information about each member, including their registration details, information about the use of their Samadi Member Club Card, purchases and other information that the member gives Samadi.

  3. Samadi may analyse the member’s information to see how they use the Samadi Member Club Card, to understand their shopping behaviour and to send the member information, offers and promotions for the products which are most likely to interest them.

  4. By being a Samadi Member and providing your details, you agree that Samadi can contact you with news about products.

  5. Samadi will never release a member’s personal details to any company outside the Samadi Group for them to use for their own mailing or marketing purposes.

  6. The promoter of Samadi Member Club is Pt PMA Samadi International Group.

  7. These terms and conditions replace all previous versions and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Indonesia, and any disputes will be decided only by the Indonesian courts in accordance with Indonesian law.

  8. Samadi reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, at any time, on reasonable notice for legal, regulatory, business or policy reasons. Members who continue to participate at Samadi Member Club following notification of such a change will be considered to have accepted the updated terms and conditions.

A person who is not a party to these terms and conditions shall have no right to enforce any term of these terms and conditions, but this shall not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from that Act.


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