As a center dedicated to healing and renewal, Samadi Bali provides a lush environment for the nourishment of body, mind and soul right in the heart of Canggu, Bali. Samadi Bali has something for everyone, from beginners to experienced practitioners. We offer a variety of yoga styles suitable for individuals of all levels. Our yoga teachers are a mix of Indonesians and foreigners.


I am Adnya, I have been practicing yoga since 2016 . My Journey to know Yoga because I had problem with my stomach and after practiced i felt the benefit to my body, mind and soul. i am really passionate how to teach and explain the benefit of Yoga to the student to feel the balance
and holistically during the practice and how we get better in our life. Student can feel more peacefully, calm and energize after the class. I could describe myself as a warm and sociable person


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As a child, Abdi grew up in a home of a Shaman and through out his life time he has studied under different Gurus which, has led him to share all his knowledge acquired through time as an energy healer, today he helps others on their path to wellbeing.

Abdi is a trained and certified Sound Healing and Gong Master, by the Pyramids of Chi, also known as a Balinese Energy Healer (amongst other skills and tools he offers,). In his sound Healing session he will be presenting the magic of the Gong, Pow Wow Drum, Semantic Drum, Tibetan Bowl.

These sounds and vibration there of will drive your brain wave in to Theta frequency which brings your mind into a deep relaxation creating balance in your chakras, (the energy centers in our body). As an Energy healer he will reconnect you to pure Universal Energy to clear, ground, energise, harmonise, create a sense of peace and bliss of our energy body, the subtle energy.

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In August 2012 after leaving school, I went to the USA in order to combine my martial arts studies along with Yogic studies and with the intention of becoming a full-time Yogic arts teacher. I trained intensively, every day at Brian Kest’s Power yoga studios in Santa Monica. I interspersed my studio classes with private lessons with Liz Arch the founder of Primal Yoga and renowned for her abilities with Arm Balance & Inversion’s. After three months of training I travelled across country from California to Florida, in order to train at the Budokon headquarters. I studied intensively with Budokon’s founder, Cameron Shayne at his home in Miami and undertook Cameron’s 200 hour teacher training.

The Budokon Yoga training started at 11am until 9pm, six day’s each week for four weeks. I became certified at age 17 and two months and was the youngest Budokon yoga teacher in the World at that time. On returning home to the UK, I attended a full-time, six week’s personal trainer course in Guildford and achieved the Register of Exercise Professional (REPs3) Personal Trainer certification. I have undertaken additional yoga teacher trainings since 2014. Firstly, returning to Los Angeles, I attended an (50 hour) Arm balance and Inversions teacher training with Bryce Yoga founders, Bryohny & Dice Lida Klein. In 2015, I undertook the (60 hour) Tapasya Hot Yoga Teacher training at Triyoga, London with Kristin Campbell. In October 2015 I attended the (70 hour) Broga bootcamp, teacher training with Mat Miller (Broga founder) in order to add this dynamic and challenging style to my other yoga qualifications. In December 2019, I completed a Yin Yoga teacher training in order to add a Yin balance to my Yang trainings. In December 2015 (aged 20) I started teaching for the David Lloyd group of clubs and running my own private classes.

I gave the first Broga workshop for David Lloyd group in June 2016 and afterwards taught this style and continue to do so, for the founder Matt Miller. I have taught hot yoga flow at Pure Hot Yoga in Godalming, and undertaken a series of Budokon Yoga workshops in Newbury and Alton. David Lloyd Newbury, hosted a Budokon workshop with me, and this was also a “first”, for David Lloyd Group. My classes contain elements of my trainings formatted into a contemporary style I refer to as “Yoga to the Max”, and combined with uplifting music. I can be contacted on Instagram at yoga_to_the_max or via my email account, [email protected]

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Edwin Tan

He is an experienced Holistic Healing Teacher. His teaching of Self-Healing combines a transformation mindset, daily mindfulness, and manifestation tips, the practices of breathwork, meditation, yoga, qi gong, sound healing, and other holistic healing practices.

He is an experienced certified 200 hours yoga instructor, certified meditation, qigong teacher and mindfulness life coach, certified sound therapy & sound healing, certified yoga for seniors and yoga swing. He is also a practitioner of brainspotting founded by David Grand, Ph.D that uses a scientific approach to heal trauma and other negative emotions.

His vision is to see more and more people live fullest their potential. He has helped thousands of people to breath comfortably and transformed their lives.

Follow his teaching more in IG @buah.meditasi

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Vivienne has travelled worldwide to learn from different teachers and has accumulated 1400TTC in different areas.
She teaches Alignment ,Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa , Flyhigh yoga, Power yoga, Yoga with Wheel , Restorative yoga etc. Her class is focused on good alignment to ensure her students progress fast.Through practicing and teaching she dives deep into yoga philosophy.

She has benefited greatly from yoga, physically and mentally and her passion is to share the authentic yoga with others.

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Zee was born in Jakarta (Indonesia), where she has been practicing Yoga since 2011, and teaching since 2015. During that time, Zee explored many different styles of Yoga ranging from Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Kundalini, Acro-Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. Her research and study took place in Indonesia as well as in India. She also developed a deep interest in meditation. Zee is a certified Yoga teacher: RYS 200 yoga alliance with Dini Maharani Sukardi (Dini Yoga in Jakarta-Indonesia).
Her relationship with yoga and with life is all about curiosity, exploration and discovery. Yoga brings her peace of mind, while being a positive energy booster.

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Frankie was introduced to yoga in 2012, she loved how within just 1 class she was able to disconnect from the busy outside world and discover so much about herself and the power of yoga and meditation. It is with this passion that she teaches each class, creating flows and sequences that meet the needs of each and every student on the mat. Since 2015 she has trained all over the world and in many different styles of yoga from Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Mandala to Yin, Meditation and Breathwork. In each class Frankie encourages you to focus on moving your body in non-harming ways, accepting your unique personal limitations and loving yourself just as you are right here on your mat. Her classes celebrate our diversity as individuals, whilst also acknowledging all that we share in common.

With a passion to help all on their own healing journey, she completed her Reiki level 2 and Thai Yoga Massage which she incorporates in to yoga uniting movement, meditation, Reiki and touch into her classes, she loves to bring joy and inspiration from a wide range of arts into one.

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Norin is a student of Yoga since 2006 and teaching Yoga since 2019. She is a certified Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, Sound Healing Practitioner, Pranic Healing Practitioner (Human biofield) and Entrepreneur. She is also a surfer and the founder of Surf Flow Motion in 2021. She has been a couple times sharing her work in the International Festivals in Bali.

She had education in IT and Marketing, having background in the music and tv industry for many years, hospitality, and corporate. She keeps developing her knowledge in scientific research and ancient traditions, combine it with her skill in energy field she loves to guide her students and clients physically, emotionally, and mentally in searching their true Self.


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For Iyan Barlyanta, yoga is not just a term that must be remembered like Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga or the sequence of movements that must be memorized and can be formed by the body but he is also very understanding of the anatomy. His amusement in reading anatomy book has enabled him to visualize the inside of the body do work while doing the asana. For him yoga is not just power but rather on the unification and synchronization between the breath, mind, body and soul. It has made him interested in philosophy and spiritualism.

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Sasya began practicing yoga in Jakarta after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2015. Since then, Sasya has deepened her yoga knowledge in Bali and completed her Teacher Training in 2017 with Denise Payne. She is a practitioner and teacher of Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, Power, Fly High, and Thai Yoga Massage. For Sasya, practicing yoga is all about enjoying the process. Her classes inspire a personal practice within a group setting to synchronize collective energy as a community. Sasya believes yoga creates an opportunity for personal growth allowing space to tune in and build a healthy relationship with ourselves.

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In every class, Michelle will offer a unique and powerful sequences composed of flowing postures, strengthening repetitions, targeted endurance building and focused class that will energize your body and calm your mind, but still listen to your body and where your body allowing you to go. Link postures and movement with breath in heated room. It is great for overalls strength, flexibility and calm your mind, this practice offers a variety of postures that target strengthening , toning, and stretching the whole body for a beginner, medium to advanced level flow. Prepare to sweat, move and breathe. We focus a lot on connecting mind and body through the breath. 

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Capoeira offers a real, exciting and physical alternative. The highly aerobic system of training quickly increases fitness, flexibility and stamina, boosting general energy levels and encourages focus on personal health and lifestyle. The study of Capoeira is a holistic art from, challenging both physically and mentally, promoting self-awareness, self-empowerment, the importance of teamwork and the value of respect for yourself and others.

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Meet Tamuna Lomidze, a dedicated yoga instructor with six years of experience and a passion for guiding others on their journey to wellness. Since discovering yoga in December 2017, Tamuna has immersed herself in various styles of the practice, honing her teaching skills over the last three years. Specializing in a range of disciplines, from the dynamic flow of Vinyasa to the meditative depths of Yin, Tamuna offers a holistic approach to well-being that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit. With her supportive guidance, students uncover strength, flexibility, and inner peace, embracing the transformative power of yoga both on and off the mat. Join Tamuna on a journey of self-discovery and vitality, and experience the profound benefits of yoga firsthand.

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At the beginning I knew yoga from being a recreation manager at a resort in Ubud 6 years ago. Incidentally I have to replace my Yoga Teacher who couldn’t handle yoga because of sick. With only had experience as a yoga student for couple of times I took responsible to teach yoga that time for the first time ever. Imagine, how the yoga was going on. Luckily all done.

Since then I have regularly participated in yoga training with several teachers in several places in Bali. And until finally I decided to become a full time Yoga teacher. By taking TTC 50 hours, I ventured to continue teaching and learning Yoga both in the Balinese yoga community, privately in hotels and also regular class. Of course, I don’t feel comfortable just yet with a 50-hour certificate. In addition to continuing to learn on my own, I also continue to improve myself through the YouTube channel, Instagram,Facebook and even visit yogi seniors to learnt more, also continue the TTC 200 hours at Udana yoga school, Mysore Ashtanga Training at Delapan Yoga school, and also 50 hours at Traditional Yoga school Markandya. The communication skills that I got from the hospitality world, enthusiastic personality formed from being Recreation manager, and Personalize Service I got from Fitness Instructor experience, brought to my class always bright, full of energy ,physically and mentally alignment, harmony, love and smile in to Yoga Searcher, Udana yoga, Bali Yoga Space, private yoga and now all that experience will be continuing to Samadi. Join my class of Hattha Flow and Vinyasa Flow. I am also well understood with the techniques, the drills, the entries, of doing Arm balances and Inversions.

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Experienced and passionate yoga teacher with over 15+ years of professional experience in designing and leading vinyasa flow lases. In May 2007, completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Vincent Tam in Jakarta, Indonesia, and served as a mentor for the following training, and subsequently worked as head teacher at Fitness First Indonesia. Has taught ins several independent studios and privately for many years both domestically and internationally. Out-of-the-box thinker, known for creative sequencing and the ability to adapt the yoga practice for all skill levels and ages, physician impairments or injuries, and a wide range of body types. A compassionate educator and lifelong.

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I am a passionate yoga teacher who is eager to help people improve their health and lifestyle through yoga practice. I come from the beautiful island of Bali, in Indonesia and I’ve lived in several places since I moved out of Bali when I was at a young age and found myself a home in Singapore where I spent 18 years, Now, I am back home and would like to share my expertise and experience.

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Passionate yoga teacher with over 6 years of professional experience in leading Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Power Yoga Classes. And also a workshop for scoliosis and injury during yoga. I start in 2016 at 50hrs,2017 for 200hrs, and completed for 500hrs on April 2022, and acquired in-depth knowledge about postures, breathing techniques, and spiritual elements of yoga teaching.


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Norma discovered yoga while working as a flight attendant in The Middle East. Five years into her job, travelled to more than 50 countries. She was burnt out and looking for something more meaningful. Yoga and the philosophy itself had helped her to overcome from burnt out. She realised that yoga is one of the ways to connect with herself more to find her center in the midst of life challenges.

Norma’s teaching approach to asanas is “move without force” listening to your body who knows your own capacity in movement. You’ll find assortment of gentle yet energised flows focused on balance between strength, flexibility, and relaxation. You can expect to move, sweat, and breathe. Her goal is to inspire people to connect with their body, mind, and soul through yoga.

She is also certified in Multi-Instrumental Sacred Sound Healing. She is working with Gong, Shamanic Drums, Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls and other sacred ancient instruments. Offering wide range of sound to help relax the nervous system, reduce stress and guiding into a deep relaxation.

Norma has passion in movement and music. Standing behind the turntables, she fell in love with the beat. She found her endorphins flowing when it comes to movement and music, it created a healing experience for her. This inspired her to hold space for people to feel connected to a higher sense of being through the movement and music. She loves playing Ethnic House Techno with a dash of shamanic influence in them.

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Vivien Ji

- Founder of holistic health platform — Lifeblooms
- Leading course instructor and coach for holistic wellness since 2014
- ICF PCC(professionally certified coach),
- 12 years of coach training experience, over 8000 hours of coaching
- 18-year yoga practice, certified with Mandala Vinyasa Flow training
- Certified vegan raw healing food chef
- Certified juice detox practitioner
- Ayurvedic naturopath trainer

Vivien Ji — A leader for holistic wellness movement from China.

Since 2014, she had served thousands of Clients to start the journey of self- love through holistic wellness. Vivien created a holistic detox wellness retreat program called Lifeblooms to teach people how to fall madly in love with themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so that everybody can find their own power back and bloom into their own authentically beautiful self.
As the original founder of Lifeblooms, Vivien’s calling is to awaken 1 million people to change their own life with radical self-love and healthy juice and food lifestyle. By healing the body and emotional traumas from past, it is possible to reframe the mind and change behaviour patterns into amazing healthy habits that manifest radiant health, loving relationships, and abundance on all levels.

Vivien believes that the external world is merely the reflection of one’s inner world. She trusts that all human beings have all the resources and the power inside of them to transform any challenges, manifest their desired visions and freely express their soul’s purpose. The key is to establish the connection to our deeper wisdom, and allow our deeper intelligence to guide us through any difficulties and obstacles in life and work. When our inner landscape shifts, the outer world will change as well.


Having experienced more than two decades of learning and practicing, she discovered the way of self-healing, and excited to share the knowledge and wisdom with more people from all over the world. Her grand hope is to bring balance and restoration to mother Gaia though promoting a sustainable conscious lifestyle which is the core of Lifeblooms.

Vivien is the Health & Wellness & Retreat consultant at Samadi Canggu


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