Life Coaching

Working on one to one basis to identify your core values. What action can you take to make your deepest wish working on a one to one basis. We will identify your core values, what action you can take to make your deepest wishes a reality. We will overcome any obstacles that stand in the way. The work can be done either face to face or via Skype.

The sessions can be done in either: Swedish, English or Spanish.

Price: 1 hour 1100 IDR

or Buy 6 sessions get 1 free!


The approach

As a qualified life coach with a background in business and yoga, my approach is practical goal orientated as well as spiritual. I believe that success and happiness come from having a deep sense of life purpose, that the way to fulfilment is to plan and act from that place of vitality so that over time it will become habit to live in the way that is most true to who you are. The rewards will follow.

Life purpose, of course, can and probably will change over time. My role is to help you see clearly where you are now without limiting beliefs. Open doors you may not see when you’re by yourself and provide guidance as you start to live the life you really want to.

Life coaching works on all life areas: career, money, health, friends and family, your significant other, personal growth, fun, and your physical environment.

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Phone: +62 (0)812 3831 2505

About Andréa:

I was born in Sweden and since had the blessing of residing in over 10 countries learning of people, languages and cultures from all corners of the world. Barcelona became my home and gave me the opportunity to develop and successfully run my own company. A a few years later I started training to become a certified Life Coach with Noble Manhattan in the UK.
My life has been an endless adventure facing many of my fears and conditions. The combination of yoga, travels, coaching and of course natural maturity has given me opportunities to grow, gain more confidence and be more intuitive. Today I want to share these tools with others and I encourage my clients to take responsibility for themselves and not for anyone else. I believe that happiness and sadness both come from within and are not caused by anyone but oneself. I believe that inside everyone there is a power switch, and when you can switch that on, life flows in a new way.
Life coaching Andrea

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