Cranial Sacral Therapy

1.5 hour 1400 IDR

CST Therapy, The emphasis in Cranio Sacral Work is to help resolve the trapped forces that underlie and govern patterns of disease and fragmentation in both body and mind. This involves the practitioner “listening through the hands” to the body’s subtle rhythms and any patterns of inertia or congestion. 

Chakra Balancing

1 hour 1100 IDR

Our talented therapists will channel and transfer universal energy in to your Chakra.  You are experiencing a very deep relaxation and sensation during the cleansing process bringing you into harmony. Read More here



1 hour 1100 IDR

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on an ancient philosophy that describes the universe, and the body, in terms of two opposing forces: yin and yang. The aim of this therapy is to improve the body’s functions and promote the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific anatomic sites.

Private Yoga Class        

1 hour – 1400 IDR/2 pers.      1.5 hours – 1750 IDR/2 pers.

Book one of our highly professional teachers for a private class where you can deepen your practice with adjustments and important tips personalised for your needs only. Teaching can be done in Samadi Bali or at your home.

1 hour 1400 IDR/2 pers. 1,5 hour 1,750 IDR/2 pers. each extra person 120 IDR/pers.  1,5 hour 140 IDR/pers. for classes outside of Samadi please enquire for rates. Read More here


Price: 950 IDR : 45 min (Need to book in advance)

Osteopathy is a one of a kind, natural and holistic therapy. The therapist gently corrects the body’s emotional problems caused by disturbances in the structure of human body system. Read More here


Price: 1250 IDR /person, 1800 IDR/2 person

During  Gong Bath  you will be invited to lie down on a Yoga mat, simply close your eyes, let the harmonious sound and vibration of various sacred instruments, lead you to an unforgettable sensation of deep relaxation. Abdi who is known as an  Energy Healer in Bali, will present his skills by playing the gong, drum, chime,  and the Tibetan bowls.   

He will guide  your brain waves into a theta frequency, which brings your mind into deep relaxation, creating balance in your chakras, (the energy vortex in our subtle body) . As an Energy healer he will reconnect you to pure Universal energy to clear, ground, energise, harmonise, and finally create a peaceful and blissful experience in the energy body, a very subtle energy.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session to register, wear comfortable clothes, remove jewellery, watches etc, prepare yourself for a new sensation of deep relaxation.


Price: 850 IDR /Children up to 16 years

Supporting children with the best combination of holistic healthcare techniques created to help children become the best version of themselves naturally.

Primitive Reflexes

Stresses in the brain and the neural pathways can result in learning delays, anxiety, social challenges and poor concentration.  Combining age appropriate kids yoga and retained primitive reflexes integration we can help support the brain equilibrium.  This modality is ideal for children with dyslexia, sensory processing issues, ADHD, sensory and motor development issues and behavioural issues. Simple exercises can be used to solve these sometimes problematic reflexes through integrating the reflexes and brain integration. Specific movements can help improve learning disabilities, behavioural, writing and mathematical skills, and memory. 

Practicing age appropriate yoga and mindfulness through the brains senses  (vestibular system, motor system, tactile, visual system and auditory processing), gives us opportunities to look at the brain holistically and target the key areas of focus for higher brain functioning. 

When working with retained primitive reflexes it’s important to know how they play a role. Primitive Reflex develop in the brain stem before birth, these are involuntary reflexes and assist the baby to position itself in the womb ad well as other reactions during birth like breathing and feeding. As higher functions of the brain and muscles develop during the first year of a baby life, most of the primitive reflexes disappear. Should these reflexes remain, it will interfere with higher functions of brain development by limiting the development of the nervous system and its relevant functions. 

These reflexes are integrated into our nervous system in a specific sequence. If they are retained out of sequence, higher brain functioning is limited.

Some of the displayed symptoms of retained primitive reflexes: 

— Hemispheric Imbalance 

— Learning Delays 

— Sensory Disorders


— Social disorders 

— Dyslexia 

— Immune problems

There are two different aspects through movement: 

Passive Stretching 

Passive stretching  through yoga poses provide repetitive patterns and body awareness needed to stimulate the brainstem to create a feeling of agency, improve muscle tone, integrate the primitive reflexes and promote efficient sensory processing.

Active Stretching 

Active stretching further develop the neural networks of the cerebellum.  This type of stretching  strengthens the connections between the  brain and body to improve posture, concentration, impulse control, comprehension, speech and language.

** All Price include 5% service charge & 10% Government tax