Price: 1500 IDR /session, (persession : 2 hours)

** This treatment available on mid of May 2019

with : Stephanie

Hypnotherapy interacts directly with your subconscious mind allowing you to talk freely without self-judgment. It creates new neuro-pathways in the way you think and feel. Like updating your minds software. Once you locate and understand your issue, you are able to release emotions that have been causing a negative impact on your life.  As human beings, we hold on to feelings and thoughts from the moment we are born. We have been conditioned our entire lives, everything that has happened to us impacts how we handle our life today. Each emotion Is stored deep within our minds, making it difficult to understand why we have such deeply rooted habits, fears or toxic patterns in our behaviour.  Hypnotherapy will allow you to release emotions safely and allow you to understand your issues. Giving you Awareness, clarity and peace. 

Every person’s issue is important no matter what you are struggling with. Depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, fears and phobias, eating disorders. (The list goes on.) You may need 1-5 sessions, depending on the depth of your issue.  As a therapist, my duty is to facilitate you to overcome past and current emotions and issues in a safe and comfortable space. I have been through therapy myself, so making you feel safe and comfortable comes naturally to me. I always start the session with an introduction and overcoming concerns or fears of Hypnosis, followed by a cognitive session that will show you powerful insights into how you really feel. You will create a new neuro-linguistic program (affirmation) that you will use daily after the session. The hypnosis is usually progressive relaxation. However, this varies from person to person. You will feel comfortable, safe and free at all times.

About Me

I became curious about the mind at the age of 20. I had spent my entire teenage life struggling with depression and a vicious eating disorder that ruled my entire existence. Western medicine had nothing to offer me anymore, with my mental state and physical body deteriorating. I was desperate for change. I fled to India to discover Yoga and meditation. Even though it was a slow and somewhat painful road of ups and downs and everything in-between, I knew I was onto something life-changing and I knew I needed something deeper. At 25 years old, I awakened something deep within my soul. I found a beautiful woman who changed and shaped my life. This Indian Hypnotherapist, named Shikha transformed my life within 3 sessions. I couldn’t believe how fragile, yet how simple my mind was. Suffering from something that only I could locate and heal, I just needed the guidance. As the shift took place and my world healed, I knew this was my path. To share this beautiful gift with the world. I am now a fully licensed Hypnotherapist, current, age and past life regression Therapist, and Cognitive behavioural therapist.  I travel to Bali, Sri Lanka, and India working alongside The Hypnotherapy School of India. Holding workshops, retreats, and private Therapies. My passion is to spread awareness of the power of your own mind. Accessing your own Inner recourse and healing yourself. If I can, so can you!

** Price include 5% service charge & 10% Government tax