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Yoga Apprenticeship with Damien de Bastier

Yoga Apprenticeship with Damien de Bastier

4-year program to deepen your Ashtanga yoga practice and grow as a skilled yoga teacher under the supervision of Damien de Bastier, +/- 1000 hours. Next round begins JUNE 1 2017.

This program is for you if you want to touch the depth of what yoga is and has to offer. If you looking to approach Ashtanga Yoga as a spiritual and transformational practice and want to find tools to support your life and grow to your full potential.

At Samadi we understand yoga to be a deep transformative process and like all process it takes a bit of time to work through the layers of resistance, master teaching tools and grow into awareness, so we organized our curriculum around 4 levels for you to take your yoga as far as you want.

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