Imagine 22-days in the “Islands of the Gods” as you are guided into self-retreat, self-mastery and self-rejuvenation through the practice of Yoga & Ayurveda.

Awaken your senses to the peace and serenity of pristine sandy beaches, lush jungle and warm ocean of beautiful Canggu, Bali. Return to the elements as you immerse yourself in one of the most revitalizing timeless experiences as you master the art of teaching.

You will experience:

  • Sun-rise meditation
  • Fire ceremony
  • Elemental yoga practice
  • Ocean moon walks
  • Meditation journeys
  • Kirtan & Mantra ceremony
  • Full facilitation and

instruction to learn how to master your own voice, guide others and return to your passion, through the principles and practices of self-healing and self-realization, Yoga and Ayurveda

  • Learn to guide a complete holistic and integrative yoga practice including yoga asana, pranayama, kriyas, mudra, mantra and meditation
  • Discover how to create yoga classes based on the science of Ayurveda and tailor your classes to the season, the Ayurvedic constitution of each person, their age and life transistions.

This Yoga Alliance Certified 200Hr Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training, offers an authentic, integrative and comprehensive way for you to return to your life’s passion and purpose.

As a Certified Yoga and Ayurveda Instructor you will be able to:

    • Teach holistic classes that include Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Meditation and Yoga asana
    • Lead Yoga group classes based on the season, time of day,the person’s Ayurvedic constitution and the stages of their life
    • Create individualized Yoga programs
    • Offer basic Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and emotions

Tuition Only: $2699 USD

Tuition and Accommodation for 22-days and 21-nights, plus breakfast and lunch each day: $3500 USD All Inclusive

To register, e-mail: info@jaiwellness.com




Immerse yourself in the living practice of Ayurveda. Imagine meditating on the soma of the moon, partaking in the healing power of Agni Hotra (Fire Ceremony), practicing daily Ayu-Yoga and learning the ancient, authentic teachings of Ayurveda. You will learn an extensive and comprehensive approach to understanding Ayurveda and Ayu-Yog Therapy. 

Topics include: History & Philosophy, The Ayurvedic Approach to asana, meditation, mantra, mudra, pranyam, dietetics and more. 

  • Learn the cleansing applications of Ayu-Yoga in combination with the Shat Kriyas as well as the understanding of the Ayurvedic Diet and the Science of Taste. 
  • Study the Prana Vayus and the impact of each prana on the doshas and asana
  • Delve into chakras and understand their relationship to the elements, tanmatras, doshas and asana
  • Study the power of mantra for each Dosha
  • Learn how to make specific practices and protocols for each person, their age, the season and their Ayurvedic constitution. 

For the full curriculum, visit: https://www.jaiwellness.com/ayurveda-for-yoga-teachers

This is a YA-CEP certified training program. 


Nicole Mahabir is the founding director of JAI Wellness and is a certified International Yoga Therapist, certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Ayu-Yoga Therapist and Energy Medicine Practitioner with over 3000 hours of study and teaching. She has lead professional certified courses in Ayurveda, Ayu-Yoga and Yoga Therapy for the past 15 years. She is also seasoned teacher of natural medicine, holding designations and extensive practice of Shamanic Healing Masters, Reiki Mastery and Ayurvedic Neurotherapy. When Mahabir isn’t teaching or seeing clients, she is leading international professional 

programs and wellness retreats. Mahabir is a Senior Health and Wellness Contributor for CBC, drawing focus on yoga therapy, ayurveda and natural medicine

Tuition and Accommodation for 9-days and 8-nights, plus breakfast and lunch each day: 

$1659 USD


WITH : Clayton Horton


“Yoga in a retreat setting is the ultimate way to deepen and enjoy your practice. Away from home and in a supportive environment, we are able to connect with a deep and beautiful part of ourselves. Healing and focused development of our practice happens naturally when we devote a week or two to ourselves in a beautiful place with an experienced teacher.”

Join Clayton on a retreat to the magical island of Bali, where a tropical Indian ocean paradise coupled with a cultural gemstone of Asia create a yoga haven with everlasting memories.

The retreat will be held at Samadhi Bali retreat centre in Canggu on the southwest part of the island. Just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, Canggu is also famous for amazing restaurants and shopping. Afternoons can be spent poolside or taking a dip in the ocean; with a surf lesson, Balinese massage or just chilling in the tourist-friendly environment of Bali, Indonesia.

Clayton welcomes beginners and students with specific needs. Beginners should be familiar with the traditional Ashtanga Sun Salutations A & B and the standing posture sequence.

The yoga programme at Samadi Bali (the “Resort”) is organised by Pure (Travel) Limited (“Pure”), and all travel arrangements, reservations ticketing, package payments are made for and on your behalf by In Travel Limited (Agent License No. 350922) (“In Travel”).

About Clayton:

Clayton is an experienced and internationally known KPJAYI Certified Ashtanga yoga teacher who was born in Oklahoma, USA, just after the full moon rose on Teacher’s Day (10 September) in 1965. He discovered yoga at age 21 whilst living in San Francisco, California, when his mother took him to a pranayama class. After several years of practice and a long trip to India, he began teaching in 1996. To Clayton, yoga is a healing path back to the Self, allowing us to experience true peace and happiness. Being kind and living in balance with nature are qualities that continue to guide his life.

Clayton studied with masters Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and the Greensufi for many years, both of whom gave him great inspiration to practise daily and develop a yogic lifestyle. He founded Greenpath Yoga in San Francisco in October of 2001. The studio was one of America’s first green and environmentally-friendly yoga studios with inspiring and progressive yoga programmes, philosophies, events and authenticity. Clayton received formal authorisation to teach Ashtanga Yoga from the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute of Mysore, South India in 2003 and he received Level Two Authorisation in 2010. Whilst attending a course for teachers in Mysore during the summer of 2016, Sharath Jois awarded Clayton with the blessing of ‘Certification’ – the highest level of accreditation for teachers at the institute.

Clayton’s teaching style is traditional, yet light-hearted and relaxed. He believes that by practising and living yoga, we can transform ourselves and the world around us. According to Clayton, Ashtanga Yoga is a complete and well-balanced system in which an experienced and skilled teacher can help any student ‘find their place’ within its structure regardless of individual challenges, aptitude and constitution. 

Clayton’s favourite hobbies are surfing, swimming and playing guitar. He is committed to making the world a better place by living with eco-awareness, teaching yoga and meditation, serving others with charity work (karma yoga), and offering music & Kirtan chanting (bhakti yoga). 



• Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, Certification, August 2016

• Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute Authorisation Level Two, June 2010

• Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Research Institute Authorisation Level One, January 2003

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Zuna Yoga at samadi 2018

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Canggu Bali

With : Zuna Yoga


Share an unforgettable, fun-filled journey through the rich landscape of yoga. In this 21 day intensive yoga teacher training, you will build a solid foundation in tradition and learn techniques to competently teach Yoga at a 200 RYT certification level. This professional, comprehensive course is an in-depth study of Asana, Sequencing, Adjustments, Anatomy, Pranayama, Meditation, Philosophy, the Energetic Body, Ayurveda, practice teaching and more. You’ll be learning from instructors with decades of experience in yoga practice and instruction.

Whether you’re a passionate yogi seeking to deepen your practice or an aspiring teacher, our 200 hour yoga teacher training program will take both your personal development and skills as a facilitator to new heights.

Tuition & breakfast from $2950; all inclusive packages from $4275 USD with vegetarian meals, accommodation, airport transfer, tuition, manual and certificate.

For details and registration, visit :

Web: https://www.zunayoga.com/canggu-yoga-teacher-training.php

Email: grow@zunayoga.com

Yoga Training - Holiday with Ingrida Yang

Yoga Training / Holiday with Ingrid Yang


Imagine waking to the sounds of exotic birds, practicing yoga alongside majestic butterflies flitting by, and sipping a cold drink on the beach alongside a tropical forest that stretches as far as your eyes can see. You have just found paradise. Join us on this unforgettable holiday of a lifetime in Canggu, Bali, which includes twice daily yoga with Ingrid, surf lessons at the renowned surf beach Echo Beach, delicious organic vegetarian meals, jungle hikes, and optional therapeutic and healing treatments. Most importantly, meet and connect with like-minded people while experiencing the beauty and relaxation of Bali.
Your Yoga Holiday includes 6 days/5 nights with facilitator Ingrid Yang, M.D., E-RYT500
February 25 – March 2, 2019
Single/ king bed: $1500, Early Bird: $1280
Double/full bed: $1250, Early Bird: $1100

For details and registration, visit  www.ingridyang.com

For booking, please write to contact@ingridyang.com

(Here) Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

With : Nicky Grimsdale and Sarah Metzger

MARCH 24th – APRIL 14TH, 2019

Our Teacher Training program is unique. It’s designed to help you find your own authentic teaching voice and innate natural style. Build a foundation of anatomy, philosophy, & energetics to deepen your practice & give you the tools to share the practice with others. Peel back layers, discover who you really are, and recognise your own true potential.

Join us for 22 days in paradise at Samadi Bali to dive into our practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation. Incredible healthy meals and sunshine will keep you energised while we take your practice to the next level. This 200 hour training includes 180 contact hours with training on:

  • Origins of Yoga & Lineage to Modern Yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle
  • Ethics of a Yoga Teacher
  • Physical & Energetic Anatomy in Yoga
  • The Business of Yoga & Social Media
  • Class Planning, Modern Sequencing & Purposeful Execution
  • Intelligent Adjusting & Cueing
  • The Practice of Asana, Meditation & Pranayama
  • And Much More

Rather than teach you to become a duplicate of any teacher, we endeavour to give you all the skills required to become an authentic, sincere and effective teacher in your own way.

Who Our Training is For:

  • Anyone who wants to dive deeper into the study of yoga & elevate their own practice
  • Students who want to experience the community & transformational aspects of the process
  • Anyone who wants to be an authentic, employable modern vinyasa yoga teacher

For More Information :

RISE Yoga Study Immersion and Teacher Training

with Adele Kinghan


Deepen Your Practice, Flow With Your Life | Yoga study immersion | 100 hours | 11 – 23 May 2019

Embodied Flow Art & Science of Teaching | Yoga teacher training | 100 hours | 25 May – 7 June 2019


Are you ready to RISE? To deepen your yoga practice, and step into the flow of your life?

If the answer is YES, then this is the experience you have been waiting for. RISE Yoga’s well-established study immersion and teacher training is led by Adele Kinghan, a master facilitator and Embodied Flow™ yoga teacher trainer.

The 100-hour immersion is perfect for anyone who would like to deepen their exploration of asana (yoga poses), yoga philosophy, embodied anatomy, and creative theming and sequencing – including existing teachers who would like to deepen and refine their approach.

Those who are exploring the possibility of teaching can then go on to complete the teacher training (total of 200 hours, Yoga Alliance certified), with a comprehensive foundation in the nuts and bolts of teaching for different populations, including community-based yoga, in an authentic and inspiring way. This training is grounded in dynamic hatha yoga techniques and tantric teachings.

RISE Yoga offers a skillful blend of movement, asana (yoga poses), meditation, philosophy, psychology and science – as technologies for acquiring an integrated sense of strength, ease and connectivity in the human form. Your yoga mat becomes a place to discover your own innate capacity to step into the flow of your life. You will emerge with a sense of thriving in every layer of your being, and take that Awakened mind and heart back out into world.

For bookings and contact: hello@riseinmovement.com

For more information please visit: http://riseinmovement.com

here yoga at samadi bali

(Here) Yoga 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

with Nicky Grimsdale and Sarah Metzger


Our Teacher Training program is unique. It’s designed to help you find your own authentic teaching voice and innate natural style. Build a foundation of anatomy, philosophy, & energetics to deepen your practice & give you the tools to share the practice with others. Peel back layers, discover who you really are, and recognise your own true potential.

Join us for 29 days in paradise at Samadi Bali to dive into our practice of yoga, pranayama and meditation. Incredible healthy meals and sunshine will keep you energised while we take your practice to the next level. This 300 hour training includes 270 contact hours with training on:

  • Honouring the Traditions of Yoga and Application to Modern Day
  • Refining the Intricacies of Effective Communication
  • Using Purposeful Intentions for Creative Sequencing
  • Deeper Understanding of the Application of Anatomy within the Yoga Practice
  • Discovering Tools for Practical and Powerful Yoga Classes
  • Utilising Self-Awareness Tools to Continually Evolve
  • Class Planning, Modern Sequencing & Purposeful Execution
  • Creative & Intelligent Adjusting
  • Further and deeper study of yoga philosophies
  • Exploring the Layers of Energetic & Physical Practice
  • The Practice of Asana, Meditation & Pranayama
  • And Much More

Over the course of 4 weeks, Nicky & Sarah will guide you through practical application of yogic principles to refine skills in teaching methodology and the intricacies of cueing & theming, plus you’ll develop more trust, confidence & direction to find your own voice. Rather than coaching in a certain style, we’re (Here) to help you refine your own purpose & direct your passion to be of service to the yoga community as a whole from your authenticity and truth.

Who Our Training is For:

This post-graduate Teacher Training course offers the space to develop your teaching skills and deliver your personal passion with purpose. If you’ve recently finished your 200-hour certificate and are looking for more direction or are an experienced teacher seeking new inspiration, this course is for you.

For More Information :

website: http://www.hereyoga.com.au/teacher-training/

contact: sarah@hereyoga.com.au or +61 422 028 640