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About us

Samadi Bali offers yoga for everyone,
healthy home-made food and integrated treatments in a unique space dedicated to radical wellbeing and self-empowerment.

Samadi Bali is your home for high quality yoga on the island of the Gods.
We specialize in Ashtanga Yoga and invite you to come learn the traditional way we call “Mysore Style”.

A yoga class will leave you feeling energized and peaceful. A weekly session will begin to work away chronic discomforts such as low-back or neck pain. And a daily practice will transform your life making you an ordinary being in an extraordinary world.
We bring in the best teachers who have trained extensively in the ashtanga method to ensure the highest quality yoga.  We also offer other yoga styles to suit a variety of levels and mindsets.

Samadi Bali is a kitchen lab for healthy foods and happy bellies. We experiment mixing sunny european cuisine with gourmet uncooking and home-grown ingredients. The results are often surprising and delicious. Enjoy a young coconut after yoga or join us for family-style brunch. Sunday to Friday from 8:30 till 15:00.

Samadi is also a hub for alternative health, healing and beyond. We offer treatments and courses for your bodymind ranging from Balinese massage, to therapeutic bodywork, chakra balancing, cranio-sacral therapy, trauma and stress release and life-coaching.. We also have a biofeedback healing machine, sauna, floating tank and oxygen generator. Inquire within for details.


The team




People bender Chakra balancer & Balinese extraordinaire


Femme fatale

People bender Life-coach & soul food artist


Creative designer

cranio-sacral therapist & cloud burster


People bender

Body mechanic & dragon whisperer



We have a dream..
Where life is the grandest adventure and the universe is always supportive.
We see a world where all beings can be happy, free and healthy.
Where every action takes in consideration the welfare
of  all relations and the surrounding environment.
Upon waking up we realize we can’t do it alone,
and we rejoice in the power of coming together
to learn, share, and offer.


Samadhi, in sanskrit and balinese describes a state of communion with the universe [Big Mind].
At Samadi we offer you a supportive environment to expand yourself
in the biggest way possible. Recharge your body, stretch your mind
and fuel your spirit. Through yoga, healthy foods
and natural therapies we seek to grow the heart
of a conscious-living community
and challenge ourselves
to do business with a
positive impact.


We believe in responsible action
or Tri Hita Karana as it is called in Bali,

through which every endeavor supports the individual, the community and the environment.
At Samadi we take heart to apply what we learned along the way and evolve how business is done
by empowering the local community, giving back to our brothers in need
and by caring for the environment around us.





Yoga is stillness of mind.

Connect with what’s alive in you, find the still-point at your center and stretch your mind.

Yoga practice is about learning how to dance with the universe.

To say your body is too tight to do yoga is the same thing as saying you are too dirty to take a bath..

Samadi is your home for high-quality yoga on the island of the Gods. We specialize in Ashtanga Yoga and invite you to come learn the traditional way we call “Mysore Style”.

We also offer other yoga styles to suit a variety of levels and mindsets.

Powerful holistic medicine, yoga descends to us from India and inspires us to stretch our minds by learning how to breathe, relax and center through tight corners and uncomfortable situations.

A yoga class will leave you feeling energized and lighthearted, a weekly session will begin to work away chronic discomforts such as low-back or neck pain. And a daily practice will transform your life and stretch you to embody the biggest version of who you want to be.

Yoga styles Pratice advices Yoga schedule





* No mysore practice on Saturdays, New and Full moon days.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Mysore Ashtanga
Mysore Ashtanga
Mysore Ashtanga
Mysore Ashtanga
Mysore Ashtanga
Mysore Ashtanga
Yoga for Surfing
LED Ashtanga

Yin Yoga

LED Ashtanga
Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga
Vipassana Sit
Hatha Yoga
Yoga Therapy
Yoga for Surfing
LED Ashtanga
 Movie Night  Dinner Event


Price You save Per class
Single Class Rp. 120 000
$ 12
Rp. 0
$ 0
Rp. 120 000
$ 12
6 Class Pack Rp. 650 000
$ 65
Rp. 70 000
$ 7
Rp. 108 000
12 Class Pack Rp. 1 200 000
$ 120
Rp. 240 000
$ 24
Rp. 100 000
$ 10
1 Month Mysore Rp. 1 800 000
$ 180
Rp. 1 200 000
$ 120
Rp. 60 000
$ 7
1 Month unlimited Rp. 2 000 00
$ 200
Rp. 1 720 000
$ 172
Rp. 64 000
$ 6.50

* Kitas holders inquire for adjusted price

  • Practice with an empty stomach. don’t drink water during or just after practicing. If you have a specific condition inform me about it but check with your doctor for any adverse side effects.
  • Come bathed and wear clean, light clothing suitable for indoor physical activity. Bring a towel with you if you sweat a lot. Avoid wearing jewelry and watches. And please, avoid wearing perfume, creams or oils. 
  • Don’t be afraid to sweat profusely.
    It is part of the cleansing and purifying process. The tradition even recommends rubbing the sweat back into your skin after practice rather than wiping it off. 
  • Don’t be afraid to feel tired and experience difficulties.
    Direct your attention on the breathing and don’t aim for external perfection as you do the asanas (postures). Observe the movements of the mind without implication or judgment. Ask yourself how it feels and smile often. 
  • Yoga practice is very similar to gardening:
    To grow well the human plant requires daily love and attention. Changes are so slow and subtle they are barely noticeable. A strong foundation in the internal principles (breathing, bandhas and drishtis) are the roots that give strength and grace to the practice. Finally, when all the preparatory work is done, the gardener sits back and watches the plant grow on it ‘s own…
  • Treat your body as you would a friend:
    with respect and care. Do not push or force your body into any pain, it’s ok to feel discomfort but don’t use yoga as an instrument of self torture. The breath is your safety net, if you can’t breathe freely find or ask for a more suitable variation. Put on your adventurer cap, open your mind’s eye and explore your inner landscape. Listen for the silence behind the experience.


In a nutshell :
1. Enjoy yourself
2. Ask yourself how it feels
3. Breathe slow and deep

Ashtanga intensive

Take your ashtanga practice to the next level (or two) by immersing yourself in the yogic life
for 6 days. During this time you will deepen your experience and understanding of yoga through the traditional mysore practice, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, asana clinic & more..




The Kitchen Lab

Samadi Bali is a kitchen lab for healthy foods and happy bellies. We experiment mixing sunny world-cuisine with gourmet uncooking and home-grown ingredients to create a ‘Gourmetarian’ experience.
The results are often surprising and delicious. Enjoy a young coconut after yoga or join us for family-style brunch.

As children of the earth we Believe in the power of  natural food to heal your system and power your activities. We only use seasonal ingredients produced by local farmers and partners. We support fair-trade exchanges and practices because we know food nourishes more than just the flesh. We cannot guarantee all our ingredients to be 100% organic but strive to make it the majority of all our creations.

Our kitchen alchemists, Dewi and her helpers, artfully combine ingredients into ‘gourmetarian’ creations that will surprise your mind and take your tastebuds on an adventure. We offer a selection of raw-based dishes as well as cooked foods and healthy juices. The kitchen lab is open for breakfast and lunch from 8:30am till 3:00pm.






  • Raw Tom Yam Soup
  • Gojiberry Ginseng Soup
  • Cucumber Detox Soup
  • Mushroom Soup



  • Crispy Raw Vegetable Salad
  • Nicoise
  • Dewi’s Gado-Gado
  • Lentil Salad
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Green garden salad



  • Samadi Falafel
    with Babaganush, hummus and tabouleh
  • Mushroom Burger
    with mashed sweet potatoes and green salad
  • Thai Rice Noodles
    with cashew-nuts
  • Raw Pasta
    with Sun-dried Tomatoes and herbs sauce tossed with crunchy nuts
  • Quiche of the Day



  •  Raw Nut Pie
    topped with Butter scotch cream
  • Energy Ball
    filled with super foods to keep you going all day
  • Andrea’s Frozen Cheese Cake
  • Raw Chocolate Mousse
  • Brownies


Dishes available a-la-carte or as set menu, choice of ‘light fare’ and ‘full meal’.




HMMMM Yummy special recipes to come :)


Combine the power of yoga and food detox.
A 6 day process to support you in discovering and eliminating all food that is toxic for you!
You will feel incredible, learn the physiology of healthy & toxic food,
Includes all meals, yoga classes and daily classes about Foodology, preparing and  meals that work for you and your family.

Stay tuned for the dates of our next yoga & detox intensive!




Anima Sana In Corpore Sanes


Tubuh senang.

“The role of a good doctor is to entertain the patient while nature does the cure.”

Our experience tells us that a lot of common dis-eases and dis-comforts can be healed through natural medicines. At Samadi we specialize in hands-on treatments to assist you in your healing process. We offer therapeutic bodywork, cranio-sacral therapy and postural training. We also have at your disposal a sauna and a floating-tank to make your treatments even more potent and effective.



A deeper and thorough treatment to assist healing of injuries & chronic conditions such as low-back or neck pain, ankle or knee inflammation, carpal & thoracic outlet syndromes, jaw pain & migraines.. Rp. 600 000/hour

Cranio-sacral Therapy

A soft approach that assists healing of the whole person from physical discomforts to emotional imbalances. A gentle and very powerful modality that help you release trauma and negative patterns.


Life Coaching

Working on a one to one basis, we will identify your core values, what action you can take to make your deepest wishes reality and how to overcome any obstacles that stand in the way.

The work can be done either face to face or via skype.
Sessions can be done in either: Swedish, English or Spanish

The approach

As a qualified life coach with a background in business and yoga, my approach is practical, goal orientated as well as spiritual. I believe that success and happiness come from having a deep sense of life purpose, and that the way to fulfilment is to plan and act from that place of vitality so that over time it will become habit to live in the way that is most true to who you are. The rewards will follow.

Life purpose, of course, can and probably will change over time.

My role is to help you see clearly where you are now without limiting beliefs getting in the way, open doors you may not see when you’re by yourself and provide guidance as you start to live the life you really want to.

Life coaching works on all life areas: career, money, health, friends and family, your significant other, personal growth, fun, and your physical environment.

For more information, visit or send me a message in the contact form.



shop here



IMG_7782ines_optim2Here is a list of nearby accommodations suitable for all wallets.
Note all prices are for information only and may vary depending on seasons
and mood of the owners..

Samadi Bali

We offer 2 exclusive rooms with en-suite bathrooms & swimming pool. $120/night including breakfast from Samadi kitchen Lab, daily cleaning of the room,  and Yoga Classes !!!

The closest you can be to the Samadi buzzing action.

Contact us for booking

The apartments Canggu
1/2 a kilometer (1/4 mile) down the road from Samadi Bali.
Has 14 very nice all inclusive apartments with private swimming pool.
Great value for money. $55-75/night

Calm Tree Bungalows
2 kilometers away from Samadi Bali.
A charming compound of 6 exotic huts with swimming pool.
Very nice! $65/night

Villa Taman Dayu
Less than 1km away from Samadi Bali.
Has 12 double bedrooms, some with kitchenette. swimming pool.
Good deal. $30/night

Villa Tepikali
1 Km away from Samadi Bali.
Has 14 rooms and large swimming pool.
Nice. $30/night

Mote Surfstay
2 Km away from Samadi Bali.
Has 15 rooms + swimming pool.
Good value & spanish friendly. $25/night



Explore Bali

Here is a list of our favourite things to do around Bali:

Canggu area

Ubud area



Join the discussion about all things yoga, food and happiness :)


Samadi Bali is about to open, see you in the near future !

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Our location : Jalan Padang Linjong 39, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

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